Epilepsy is a disorder characterized by recurrent seizures, along with an associated EEG showing hyper-synchronous changes in brain activity. The condition is very common: 1% to 2% of people will develop epilepsy by age 75. About one in three people with epilepsy cannot control their seizures with medications alone. Many of these people who don’t respond adequately to medication are candidates for epilepsy surgery, and in many cases such surgery can completely control their seizures. NYU Langone’s Neurosurgery Department is among the most experienced centers in the world at performing cranial epilepsy surgery to remove the part of the brain that is responsible for seizures. We are also leaders in the use of vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), a less-invasive treatment that utilizes indirect electrical stimulation to control seizures, and are helping to pioneer even newer experimental therapies as well. Read more »